Friday, 3 August 2012

A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story: A Review

Author: Abhimanyu Jha
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Srishti Publications Books
Language: English
ISBN: 9380349336
ISBN-13: 978-9380349336

Abhimanyu Jha has come up with a story of young romance in the form of his new book ‘A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story’. It is the story of a boy Aniruddh, who is a Ducati riding, student of St. Stephens and the girl is Aparajita aka Apu, from Goa, a street food lover who has a fervor for super-long earrings. Although being opposites in several ways, the cupid strikes, and they get attracted to each other, only to witness a terror attack.

The unique story line is the main USP of the novel, which is quite different from other average love stories. With such an enthralling story, you will never be let down and feel a different experience altogether, which will keep you hooked up till the end.  

The best part of the book is, it tries to beautifully weave a real- life experience within the fabric of a love story. Apart from that, the Dilli- Mumbai affair will keep you engrossed and new twists and turns comes up every time which makes the book unpredictable, unlike other humdrum love stories.

The story re-lives the Mumbai terror attacks on Hotel Taj. How the two lovers Aniruddh and Apu, the modern day lovers, show their strength of love and fight for the existence of love. You will be able to depict the images of the burning Taj and relate it with the burning passion of the two lovers. Their true feelings of love for each other, wins at the end of the novel and overcomes all the hurdles that comes in their way. 

It is a very sensitive love story, which will touch your heart. It will make your experience more exciting as the characters are so realistic that you can easily relate with them. Love is an essential part of life and everyone must have experienced it at least once. So, to relive the same feeling inside you, ‘A Dilli- Mumbai Love Story’ is a must read.

In today’s world where love is missing from most of the relationships, this novel is like a whiff of fresh air. It will make you believe in love once again. Aniruddh and Apu’s commitment, concern and dependence upon each other is portrayed vividly in the novel, despite of the ups and downs it faces throughout. Quite rejuvenating for the senses, the novel is sure to make its place within the heart of the readers.

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  1. Hey Sohini!
    This is Abhimanyu, the writer of Dilli-Mumbai Love Story.
    Thanks for such a nice review and I am happy you loved the book :-)
    I wanted to let you know that my 2nd book is out just a week back. It's a ghost series inspired by Oscar Wilde; and one reader called it the most unusual ghost story she had ever read and that she badly wanted more of it.
    I would be happy if you would want to be one of the first persons to review the book.
    Let me know by writing to me (abhimanyu dot jha at gmail dot com).