Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How to Deal With Teen Pregnancies

In the twenty first century, the problem of teen pregnancies is not one that we just read about or discuss with a grim face. It is reality and a very familiar one at that. Many of us will at least know one friend or a friend’s friend who has dealt with a similar situation. The problem is not that teenagers are getting pregnant. The problem is that they do not know how to deal with their pregnancy. For starters, getting pregnant when you are a teenager is an act of irresponsibility given the fact that, you are neither emotionally nor financially established enough to be a mother.

Having a baby is definitely not child’s play. So, before a teenage girl can decide to be a parent, she must realise the gravity of the responsibility that she is taking up. So, before even indulging in sexual activities, it is both the girl and her partner’s duty to ensure that she does not end up pregnant.
In this context, we need to talk about some of the common mistakes that people make, so that they may be avoided at all costs. Sex without protection is not an option for anyone unless they want a child and are one hundred per cent sure that there is no chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease. None of these points hold for young teens. The other mistake that most teenagers (even grown-ups at times) make is that they feel condom can give complete protection.

It is true that they protect against STDs, but not always against pregnancies. In rare cases, the condoms slip off during intercourse or get damaged. In such cases, pregnancy can definitely happen. There is a disclaimer in the package itself stating that condoms aren’t 100% effective. So, if you want to eliminate every chance of that happening, be extra careful during intercourse and do not rely on the condom alone for protection. If you are unsure take the contraceptive pill within the stipulated time to eliminate any possibility of ending up pregnant.
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If neither of those options work for you then do not panic. A ‘surgical abortion’ is not always necessary. You can still take a pill after consulting a doctor, without worrying about any serious long term side effects. They have a very high success rate too. But before you can do that, you need to find someone you can confide in. It is best if the person is your parent, but in case that is not an option tell another grown up who will be supportive. The most important part is to not get scared and handle the situation maturely.

Remember that things only get worse if you try to ignore and hide them. If you even slightly suspect that you are pregnant, take all the necessary precautions mentioned above. Often teenagers are at a loss for what to do because they are scared of their parents’ reaction or too shy and afraid to go to a doctor. In such times of turmoil just remember that help is just round the corner. There is almost always somebody that you can go to for advice.

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