Monday, 6 August 2012

Teenage – The Child Adult

Teenage – We have all been there. The quintessential period of our life where we are expected to take decisions like adults and be obedient like kids. It’s strange and obnoxious to expect a person to live a dual life and expect that the person will like all the aspects about it. Think about it. You are offered a gun and then they will tell you not to use it even for self defense. Would that make any sense at all? Teenage is very similar to this.

Teenagers are a different breed; similar to childhood and adulthood, teenage needs to be given due importance and most imperative of them all – freedom. Humor them if needed, do not coax them. Diplomacy is an essential tool while dealing with these youngsters. Walking a tightrope when you are nearing adulthood, means one wrong swing and the acrobat will topple from a precarious perch. One sure shot advice is to treat them like puppies, be stern but do not be rash. Guide them without any forceful instructions and they will listen.

Raging hormones tend to generate mood swings and anger becomes one of the quickest responses. It does not take much of an effort to irritate them at times as well. Movies, comics, video games, porn – their world gets populated by distractions which seem to be the only sane option to choose from. As per popular statistics, juvenile offenders fall in the teenage age group most of the time. Many of them have this extreme fantasy of being the new upcoming movie star or rock legend. They run away from home, get trapped in a vicious cycle of crime and drugs. They forget their own existence and give into the evils which welcome them with open arms and smiling faces.

Multiple colleges and schools have initiated counseling sessions for this specific teenage group to curb anger and channel it in a positive manner. Sports are refined mediums to get the hormones in control. Physical activity assists in letting out suppressed rage and anger in the best way possible allowing a person to feel light headed and relaxed. To suffice, treat them as they are-a group of youngsters with bursting energy looking for constructive ways to utilize it. They have the potential to create a wonderful future both for themselves and for the people around them. 

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