Monday, 17 September 2012

Book Review: Mumbaistan by Piyush Jha

Mumbaistan by acclaimed director turned writer Piyush Jha is a crime thriller that is set to captivate the readers. The book is set in the city of dreams where one step here and there can send you tumbling down a pit so dark and deep that there is no way back. Mumbaistan is a gripping book presenting the readers with a trio of tales all set in the city of Mumbai.
The first of the lot starts with Bomb Day where a prostitute, her lover and a cop engage in a twisted game of cat and mouse. While Injectionwala is an all out expose of medical malpractices relevant in the city, Coma Man is a personal journey of a man who comes out of coma after a long time to pick up the pieces of his life. Filled with twist and turns, Mumbaistan is a complete package that aims at enticing the readers and takes them along a journey that they haven’t been ever before. In the backdrop of a city so harsh that it tries to spit out every man and woman that it doesn’t deem worthy, Mumbaistan is no fairy tale. The author projects the real picture of Mumbai where happy endings may or may not happen.

Lover of action packed movies, thrill, horror and weird side of life- Mumbaistan got me eating out of the very palms of the writer. Wish, I was the part of the chase and that chucked out of the dept cop’s journey. Don’t own a bike yet- but Piyush Jha gave me a free ride. Yes, you will feel the adrenaline rush once you flip through the pages. I am being honest here- I did fell for Rabia and abhorred Saakshi. And like all befooled lovers- I ended up getting to like super manipulative ladies. Now- I would like to discuss why Piyush faired better.
Point 1) I hate slow stories, that is why even if I am ok with all kinds of books- romances are so not Me! Piyush was super smart to break the book into three shorts and I was ready to gulp them down at one go.
Point 2) I hate books that can be read while traveling- Piyush is a serious narrator delivering bouncy googly with the turn of events- making me sit at one place and relish the fighting, the blows below the line. The only thing I would say about Coma Man- “I think he knew things where too good to be true and was just hibernating out there”. Or else jumping off like that is too difficult to believe. I think new writers should adopt the style of putting bigger short stories together and bring out a book. It is comfortable read after all. At least for hopping readers like me.

The reviewer likes to define himself as a juggler of two jobs and a devotee at the altar of books. Personal setbacks made him more determined to pursue higher studies. He is now a distant corresponding student at Ignou. 

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